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November 29, 2014 - Internet Gaming

Las Vegas Sports Betting Odds

EPL Soccer
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Questions and Answers

Where can I bet on English Premier League games in Las Vegas?

I am going to Las Vegas this weekend and I am staying at the Wynn. Other than the Hilton, where else is there a sports book that hosts English Premier League betting?

Posted by Stanton K.
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I believe most sportsbooks in Vegas offer EPL odds. I'm almost positive The Wynn does. If for some reason they don't, I'd just ask the sportsbook manager (or someone working there) to recommend a casino. Again though, with the growing popularity of soccer in the US, I'm almost positive I've seen them listed at just about every sportsbook I've been to in Vegas. Good luck.

Has anyone bought sports picks from Las Vegas Sports Odds ?

Question – Has anyone bought NBA sports betting picks from www.lasvegassportsodds.biz? I'm wondering if this site lives up to this hype:
Las Vegas Sports Betting Guru claims to win 97% of his sports
bets for NBA basketball and MLB baseball. He has a
lot of testimonials, screen-shots of winning tickets, ect.
Also, I guess if you sign-up you get free picks for life?
Need an impartial opinion. Their office is located in Las Vegas, NV. At 1114 Fremont St., so, they seem

Posted by Ron
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I saw something similar to that before. Nobody can get 97% correct, period. When they quote the 97% they are saying that you would win eventually if you double and triple up after some losses and then that so called 3% of the time or probably once or twice a season, you go broke.
I dont know if this is spam or not, but if not its good your doing your homework. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. So I don't need to do any research to know that this "Guru" is probably a scam.

How can a Florida resident place a bet at a Las Vegas sports book without making a trip to Nevada?

There are some pretty bizarre futures bets with very long odds at Las Vegas sports books. Unfortunately, I don't live in Nevada. I need to know how to get a futures bet down at a Vegas book without making a trip out there.

Posted by Daniel C
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Not legally. Sportsbooks in Las Vegas cannnot take bets over the phone or the internet (unless you live in Las Vegas). If you know somebody going to Las Vegas, you could have them place the bet for you. That's about all you can do.

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