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What’s the best online site for free casino chips on the internet?

Posted by Caspian W.
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This video (below) gives a quick summary of some good online casino sites:

Best Online Casinos Reviewed

What is your favorite site for slots gambling on the internet?

Posted by Beyonce L.
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[display_name id=”2″] is a good site with some links to casinos on the internet with slot machines. I personally don’t play slots so I cannot tell you my “favorite” but this site may be helpful to you if playing slots is what you enjoy doing.
What are some good free internet gaming (non-gambling) sites?
My anti-virus software gives warning about some of the sites I have checked out, and you also have to allow pop-ups. What are the most popular, safer sites? I mean family friendly games you can finish in one or two sessions. Thanks!

Posted by Barry C.
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Here are a few free internet gaming sites that are not considered gambling sites:
· Online Billiards
· Good Computer Games
· Online Tennis
· Golf Games
· Pool Games
· Fun Games
· Shooting Games
· Chess Games
Are there any sites that allow you to just watch online gambling?
I’m new to the whole poker/gambling scene and not familiar with how it all works but I’m interested in learning and playing sometime in the near future. Are there any gambling sites out there that allow you to watch people play online without being in the actual game?

Posted by Anonymous
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If you download the poker software (client) for any of the poker sites, you can usually open up any real money table available on the site and watch the people play without having to invest in the game (until you are ready to do so). Understand that since you are new, you are most likely going to lose money once you start playing on these sites. I know you don’t want to believe that, but it’s true – expect to lose. But, in time, you will get better and start losing less. And ultimately, when you get good at the game, you may actually start winning. I wish you the best of luck!
How do people transfer money to their account on those Internet gambling sites?
I have heard that credit card companies will not allow them to be used at sites like BODOGLIFE.COM, COVERS.COM, BETUS.COM, etc.

Posted by Victor K.
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There are many existing services that act as intermediaries for your money transfers. You would put money into one of these intermediary services, then transfer your money from one of those services to your casino bank account. Bank issued credit cards will reject payments to known gambling sites and often will reject payments to or transfers of funds from these intermediary services as well. But the prepaid cards are not registered to a bank account holder and will generally authorize charges to the same sites. Getting money into the intermediary services can be done by various methods, including bank wire transfers. But the most popular method these days is to use prepaid visa cards as mentioned above. You can purchase a prepaid visa card very easily, just be sure to look for the “Visa All Access Gift Card”.
These appear to be the most popular intermediary services: © (a well known “Skrill” site) © ©
Notice the omission of PayPal © in the above list? PayPal © no longer acts as an intermediary between US residents and Online Casinos. The best advice I can give regarding these intermediary services would be to visit the gaming site you wish to play on and review what methods of payment they accept; then, visit the sites of the intermediary services that Online Casino supports and select the method of payment which is best suited for you. Each of them will charge you a fee of some sort for depositing money and/or withdrawing money – look for one that is the cheapest and best for you.
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Online Gambling’s Illegality

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