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Any tips on sports betting?

Posted by Damarcus D.
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It all depends your goals. If you want just have fun by betting $20 on your favorite sport at your local neighborhood bar with your buddies, then you should know as much as you can about the sport, the team, the players, etc. However, if your goal is to place wagers to make some serious money, you absolutely must know these two things:

⋄ First, you have to bet with the odds and the odds only. Of course, the more info you have about your wager, the better it is but you have to play with statistics and not with intuition or emotion.

⋄Second, you have to follow a system and stick to it. For this you can try to study odds from last seasons before place some real bet. Let's take an example:

Let’s say you look at the 2009 – 2010 season odds for the Boston Celtics and you saw that this team won 70% of their games. The next season (2010 – 2011), if the team looks as strong as the last season, the odds are that the team will have a good percentage of wins similar to the previous season. So you can bet on all this team’s games and expect to win around 70% of the time. Note: I don’t know what the real stats were for The Boston Celtics was for the 2010 – 2012 season The above information was just an example to illustrate the point being made.

Or you can try your own personal system without study the odds from previous season but you need to start slow with small bets to try your system. As you discover more about the world of sports betting, you will see there are thousands of potential systems available to aid you. The most important thing to remember is to play with the odds.

I mentioned two good bookmakers on the home page – Intertops, and BetDSI. Below, I have listed two additional bookmakers that are considered good by many:

· Pinnacle Sports is an excellent bookmaker. I’m told that this is a site for “serious” wagering – the odds are great and the margins are among the best if not the absolute best you can find.

· Betfair is also very good. The cool thing about Betfair is that you can bet on an event happening (like the team you bet on winning), but you can also place another bet on the same event “midstream” that it will not happen (like the team you originally bet on winning is obviously going to lose). If you bet for a team to win, and this team starts to tank badly such that they cannot possibly rally a comeback to win, then you compensate for the fact that you will lose your original bet by placing another bet on the same team to lose. If that doesn’t help immensely to cut your loses when betting on sports, nothing will!

If you are interested in trying out a great sports betting system, I suggest that you take a look at the Z-Code System. The Z-Code System Prediction Model has the following features:

⋄ 80+ Parameters in calculation. Every detail you can possibly think of.
⋄ Automatic prediction model. Computer Generated picks
⋄ Hot Trends – easy to follow. Ride the winning trend.
⋄ Transparent Performance. Verified picks & predictions since 1999.
⋄ Backtest approach like in Forex. Each system goes through advance backtest and forward test.

Below are a few free picks on upcoming sports events provided by the folks at the Z-Code System (You can scroll left or right for additional picks):

The Z-Code System has been around since 1999 and has been profitable for their members every year since then. Watch these videos for more information on this fantastic system that has helped so many people – people just like you:

Z-Code – Winning Picks & Predictions

Inside The Z-Code Members Area

What is the best book on sports betting?

I want to know whats the best book on sports gambling – it has to have college football and college basketball and how to gamble.

Posted by Charlie A.
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Their are a lot of great books on sports betting in general as well as specific to each individual sport. Check out this Online Information Shop. There is a large selection of books related to sports betting (and many other subjects) and I think you should be able to find what you are looking for.

I don’t know of a specific book for college football (but there are plenty on professional football). The best for college basketball (at least in my opinion) is "Investing in College Basketball" by Larry Seidel. He also has another book "College Basketball: Wager to Win" that is also very good. Both of these books (and many more) can be found here: on Google Books – from there, you may also be directed to sites that sell those books if you decide to purchase.

You may also want to consider checking out for free advice on sports gambling in general as well as specifics for each individual sport. Best of luck.

Which Do You Prefer?

If you had to choose between sports betting and playing poker online, which one would you choose and why? Is the risk higher in sports betting than playing texas hold 'em?

Posted by hardflipman1992
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This is entirely a matter of personal preference. Honestly, whatever my opinion or preference is, it should not have any sway in which one is best for you. For me, consistently winning at sports betting is harder than beating low stakes poker. However, it depends entirely on your own personal ability. Some people will never develop the skills necessary to excel at poker, but they may be very knowledgeable about sports and know how to pick winners, so they may be better at wagering on sports verses wagering on poker.

The disparity of skill between the best and worst poker players is huge. As long as there are players who are weaker than you, then you can exploit them for enough winnings to make a profit. And, if you have sufficient enough talent, then it can become very profitable. There is an old poker adage: "If you can’t spot the sucker at the table then you’re the sucker" What does this mean? If you cannot determine who is the one (or more) players at the poker table that you know you can outplay (beat), then you are the one who is being taken for their money at the poker table by the other players and you should leave that table in search of another where you have a better chance of winning. " You gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em "

The bookie's vig in sports betting is actually very close the same as the house rake in poker. But the opportunity to find good bets is rarer. The best sports bettors spend most of their time researching betting opportunities, and passing on most bets because the bookie's lines are too close to the actual odds. If there's not enough disparity (difference) between the bookie's line and the true odds (as you might handicap it), then there's no profitable bet to be made.

In summary, it comes down to what you know and what you are good at. If you are a novice (beginner) at both, it then becomes a matter of what you believe you could learn and become good at. But, you also have to be objective enough to evaluate your performance in either along the way and make proper adjustments or be willing to switch and try the other to see if you would be better at that instead. In other words, if you started out with poker but are not doing as well as you had hoped you would by a certain period of time, then consider switching to sports betting… and vice-versa. And, last but not least – to help you make your own decision, think about your answer to this question: Would you rather wager your own money on your own talent and skill playing poker, or would you rather wager your own money on the outcome of a game played by others that is entirely outside of your own control? As for me, personally, I favor poker.

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