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Internet gambling is a great convenience for many players because you don’t have to take a trip to a “brick and mortar” casino which could be quite a long distance away and take several hours of time. For some, this may involve a “day trip” or even a multi-day vacation several states away. With gaming sites available online, you just need to have an internet connection and an internet enabled device. Jump on the digital highway, play a few hands of online poker, take a tug at the slot machines through your laptop for thirty minutes, or go through a shoe or two at a virtual blackjack table on your smart phone then be on your way. Multitudes of websites offer such internet gaming and it is left up to you decide which one best for you. The passing of the UIGEA several years ago put a damper on internet gaming for United States residents because it made it very difficult (if not impossible) for people to transfer money to and from internet gambling sites at the time, and because most Americans thought that it meant it was illegal to gamble online. I am not a lawyer, but from what I have read, the UIGEA was aimed at penalizing financial institutions for knowingly transferring funds to or from gambling sites – it was not aimed at penalizing the players. The big players like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and many others stopped allowing U.S. residents to utilize their institutions to transfer money to the online casinos so the online gamblers were left high and dry. And, in many cases, with funds in those online casino sites and no way of getting the money back out. In fact, it took me nearly two years to get my money out of PokerStars – it wasn’t much but it was my money and I wanted it back.

Bull Verses Chicago Online WagerNow, things are changing – there are several ways of getting your money transferred to and from online gambling sites operated on foreign soil. Many states in America are starting to offer internet gaming to residents of their state. One of the most popular avenues for internet gambling is online sports betting. When considering what sports booking sites or betting systems to use, like any other form of investment, risk taking, or gambling, you should do proper research. This site is aimed towards aiding you in that research by providing answers to common questions regarding online gambling; and hopefully, to provide helpful suggestions / recommendations.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Virginia?

I want to use bookmaker to mostly bet on sports. Can I use my Visa card to make a deposit and make a bank wire withdrawal. What betting sites would u recommend to me?

Posted by Blackjack21
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A: There is no specific state law against online gambling in Virginia, but there is an ambiguous federal law that attempts to outlaw online gambling, but does not define what “illegal online gambling is”! This law was created in an attempt to convert the US banking system into a law enforcement entity, which they are not. I am not a lawyer, but there are dozens of people I personally know that bet sports online and have never had a problem.If you are looking for a winning edge in sports betting, check out the Z-Code System. It was designed and developed to provide winning sports predictions in horse racing, MLB, NBA, NCAAB, NCAAL, NCAAF, NFL, NHL, Soccer, and the WNBA!

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The following sites are all reputable and offer great sports betting, exciting casino games, and exceptional poker play. They also all offer excellent customer service, security, and easy deposit and payout methods. In addition to certified independent reviews, you will find free sports picks, betting tips, and much more:

Intertops – One account for all the action:

Play for money, or play for free – has been online since 1998. Since launching their free-play betting competition in 1998, thousands have played for points and more than USD $769,000.00 has been paid out to lucky winners worldwide.

BetDSI, formerly known as “2betDSI”:
Sportsbook; Daily Cash Back Rewards; Live Betting ‘All Game Long’; Rebates and fast, free payouts! also has a online casino and poker room available.

Q: Is Internet Poker, legal in the USA – like PokerStars and Party Poker?

Posted by theowegokid
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A: There is good news to report (or bad news depending on your perspective) on this front… As many as 9 states in the US have or will soon have online gaming available for the residents of their state. New Jersey is the first state to fully legalize online gambling. Mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group teamed with the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City and Online game maker Gamesys to bring slots and other online casino games to New Jersey. Source: Cybergambling returns — and this time it’s legal. “PokerStars” © and “Party Poker” © no longer accept customers from the United States but something equivalent is available for the residents of the states that have legalized online gaming. I’m sure that more states will follow suit but it will take time.

Online Gambline at Tropicana Online Casino

Q: Can I recoup money spent at online casinos by my son?

My son has recently become a gambling addict, mainly internet gambling. I have bailed him out of trouble due to this way too many times, and it has cost me tens of thousands of dollars, I thought i was helping. At this point, he has drained my bank accounts and actually put them into the negative (again thousands) before I even knew what was going on. To top it off, I just got a letter from a lawyer attempting to collect a $20,000 debt for one of my bank accounts.

My main question is this:
Is there anything that can be done to recoup any of the money that was spent at these online casinos without pressing charges or any major repercussions against my son. From the little bit of research I have done, it appears that the casinos technically were breaking US laws by accepting the wagers from the US and more specifically a NY resident.

Posted by Judy K
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A: Judy, this is a rough situation to be in. I’m not going to sugar-coat it – it is highly unlikely that you could recover any money from the online casinos. You need to consider closing your bank accounts, opening new ones and making certain your son cannot gain access to your new bank accounts.

Your son needs help. But, it probably won’t do much good until he recognizes that he has a problem (e.g. an addiction). When he is ready to face his problem and get help, there are many resources available – he should do a search for help with gambling addiction. In the mean time, you should also consider getting some books on the topic and start reading up on how to help him when he is ready for the help.

Q: Did the UIGEA outlaw Online Gambling in the US?

Posted by Michael
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A: Here is a summary of what is going on with online gambling in the United States:

1) Prior to the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, eleven states had laws on the books that specifically banned all forms of online gambling. Those states are: IL, IN, LA, MI, NJ, NV, NY, OR, SD, WA, and WI. Online gambling continues to be considered illegal in these states.

2) The Act actually did nothing to alter, curtail, or extend state laws regarding online gambling. Thus, it did not make online gambling illegal in all states.

3) What The UIGEA did is place restrictions on the financial transactions that occur in connection with online gambling; it restricts electronic fund transfers and the use of credit cards in connection with such wagering. This means that players can no longer make wagers, or collect winnings using electronic fund transfers, credit or debit cards, or some other online payment systems.

In response to the Act, online gambling sites have done one of three things with respect to US-based real-money players:
1) Continue to accept US-based real-money players from all states
2) Accept US-based real-money players from states other than the states in which online gambling is specifically outlawed (meaning no players from the states listed above)
3) Closed their site to all US-based real-money players

Here is a list of all gaming sites that continue to accept US-based real-money players from all states:

Players that live outside of the restricted states (listed above) have more gaming sites available to them:

And players outside of the United States have the most options available to them:

These lists are updated daily as gaming sites establish and publish their policy with respect to US-based real-money players.

Q: Internet gambling in Missouri?
Is it illegal to gamble online in Missouri? Can I play Texas hold em online for money in the state of Missouri? Do I have to pay taxes?

Posted by Nick L.
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A: There is NO federal law that makes the act of playing poker online with an offshore gaming site illegal. The only federal law that addresses gambling is the wire act from the 1960’s which makes it illegal to place wagers via the telephone. The US government did pass a federal port security law and tacked on provisions (the “UIGEA”) that makes it illegal for banks, not players, to fund or accept payment from “illegal” gaming sources. The only problem (for the government) is that there are dozens of third party methods available for funding and no way to trace ACH credits. Another problem for the DOJ is that they qualified the online gambling statement with “illegal online gambling” yet failed to define “illegal online gambling”. There is no law that speaks to online gambling so UIGEA refers to no specific activity. In other words, the new provisions are only for show, a meager attempt to turn the banks into law enforcement agencies, and the end result is a waste of ink. I still use my VISA check card and e-check on my favorite sites. Online gaming will be impossible to completely eliminate from the US. The offshore gaming sites contend that since the wagers are being placed on their servers, the actual wagering is occurring outside of the USA. Thus, making the enforcement of any anti-gaming legislation impossible. The best they (the US Govt.) can do is make it inconvenient, and they did.

The only states with laws directed towards online wagering at this time are Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. Although these states do have specific laws pertaining to online gaming, there has not been any charges laid and those laws are vague and currently being challenged. Missouri is not in the list of states with laws directed towards online gambling and, as mentioned above, there is technically NO federal law prohibiting Missouri residents (or any other state’s residents) from gambling online so the answer is – No, it is not illegal; and Yes, you may play Texas hold-em online for money in the state of Missouri.

As far as taxes are concerned, while you are obligated to report your worldwide income, you can subtract any losses incurred. You bank will not report any activity that is in lower dollar amounts, usually below $5K. The onus (burden) is entirely on you to decide whether or not you claim your internet gambling income on your tax filing, but you are much more likely to be prosecuted for not paying taxes than for playing poker.

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