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Best Sports Betting Site

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Questions and Answers

What is the best online service to use to transfer money from US players to sports betting sites?

Posted by Stanly L.
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Two very reputable sites that have been around for quite a while acting as intermediaries for funds transfers are Skrill and intertops.

Highest Paying odds for a Sports Betting Site?

I am currently looking for a site that gives the highest odds…Maybe you can help me….thanks!

Posted by Kim Z
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The odds at each site is different depending on the action that they get. A sports book will change a point spread, money line, or payout depending on how much action they have on one side. You might see a -120 on an opening over under for Washington/Pittsburgh (NHL) at 5.5 on one site, and see another over under open at 5 (-105 Over) at another site. It depends really on what the customers are betting on at each site! Sports books make the most money when they have equal action on both sides. You should consider shopping around for the lines instead of trying to stick to just one.

What are some safe and legit online sports betting sites?

Posted by Andrew
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The folks at have put together a nice list for sports betting, poker, and online casinos – check it out when you get a chance.
And, if you are interested in a great sports betting system, check out the Z-Code System

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Bet On Sports – How To Bet on NBA Basketball at BETCROC …

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