FTC Statement

FTC Statement

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, InternetGamingInfo.com and TheMout.Net declare that some links on this website, either through images, text, audio or video might be affiliate marketing links. If you purchase any product through the links on this website, it is possible that the owner & publisher of InternetGamingInfo.com and TheMout.Net could receive referral commissions.

Some URL’s may be masked and forwarded, to protect any affiliation status and if you are at all unsure about following any link, then please contact InternetGamingInfo.com through our [email protected] email address.

If you wish to learn more about the FTC Guidelines, you can do so by CLICKING HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE: As an organization with integrity, InternetGamingInfo.com and TheMout.Net will only suggest products that we believe are of a high standard and could help you or your business in accordance with the issues discussed on this website.

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